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Start solving engineering problems better, faster today. What is Knovel?
Knovel is an engineering decision-support solution enabling engineers to solve problems faster. Through a cloud-based platform with powerful search and interactive analytical tools, engineers can confidently find answers to technical questions through best practice insights, validated equations and materials and substance data from more than 120 providers.
Over 80% of Knovel users find information that is directly applicable to a project. Knovel users report saving up to 15 hours a month searching for information. With Try Knovel, engineers sample a select range of Knovel's critical content and interactive tools.
What does Try Knovel include? Try Knovel provides free, limited access to a select range of Knovel's interactive content and tools, which bring static technical data to life and helps engineers to solve problems faster and more effectively. With Try Knovel, users access a select range of interactive content and tools:

Interactive Equations

Knovel Interactive Equations are productivity tools designed to solve common and complex math equations that provide solutions to engineers during the design and development workflow.

Knovel Critical Tables

This resource contains easily searchable and exportable physical, solvent and thermodynamic properties tables, including plotting and calculation functionality for easier correlation analysis.

International Critical Tables

This classic chemistry, physics and engineering reference contains critical data on inorganic and organic compounds and pure substances. Knovel makes 15,000 records searchable and interactive.

PTC Mathcad Worksheets

These worksheets accelerate an engineer's workflow with templates for solving problems encountered in the structural design of buildings, heat transfer and thermal dynamics in buildings and electromagnetics.

Knovel Sampler

Explore a variety of information and productivity tools across engineering subjects, such as the graph digitizer and interactive tables, which help the engineers solve complex problems and save time.
Feature comparison Try Knovel and full Knovel solution
Technical Content and DataA select range of critical content, tables and worksheets representing a subset of the full Knovel solution40+ technical reference and premium content offerings, as well as unique tables and databases covering a range of materials and substance properties data. Content and data access can be tailored to an organization's needs.
Engineering-Specific Search CapabilitiesApplies the same award-winning engineering-specific search capabilities offered by full Knovel solution,but searches less content.Specialized search finds data hidden in tables, graphics and equations, allows numeric range search, automatically performs unit conversion and performs multivariable searches.
Interactive ToolsA subset of interactive equations, graphs and tables, representing a subset of the full Knovel solution.Over 100,000 interactive objects that allows users to customize data before integrating into their work and a full suite of easy-to-use tools for initial calculations and information validation.
Workflow IntegrationsData that can be integrated into Excel and MathCAD.Full suite of mobile capabilities and integrations with leading engineering software, applications and information discovery platforms.
Who Uses Knovel? Hundreds of thousands of engineers across the world uses Knovel in the following industries
  • Academia
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive
  • Chemicals
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Engineering Design and Construction
  • Equipment
  • Oil and Gas
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