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My Knovel ToGo is a free app that gives Knovel subscribers access to Knovel technical reference content on their mobile devices.
  • Use it to catch up on a new project while traveling, consult critical guidelines at a worksite, and have trusted, verified technical data right at your fingertips - anytime, anywhere.

  • Use My Knovel ToGo offline to read during your commute and sync bookmarks when you are online

  • Search and save resources on your device and read them later on your laptop

  • Search and save resources on your laptop and read them later on your mobile device

It is Easy to Start Using My Knovel ToGo

My Knovel ToGo is included for free with your Knovel subscription.

  • Registered Users with a Knovel Username and Password

    • Search for Knovel in the Google Play Store or App Store and install the My Knovel ToGo app

    • Sign in using the same credentials you use to access the web version of Knovel.

  • Users who access Knovel by first signing into their organization's Intranet

    • Open the Knovel page on the web: https://app.knovel.com

    • Click on the "Welcome" dropdown in the upper right-hand corner of the screen

    • Select the Mobile Authentication / License

    • Enter the Mobile Authentication Code in the My Knovel ToGo login page

    • Mobile Auth
  • All other users who are not registered

    • Download the My Knovel ToGo app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store

    • Open the app and select Register Instantly

To learn more about Knovel, visit http://www.elsevier.com/online-tools/knovel

  • iOS or Android Tablet or Smartphone

  • A Knovel subscription

    • Any user who registers on the Knovel web site can use the same login credentials used to log into the Web Knovel account

    • Single-Sign on and IP authenticated users may access an Authentication code by clicking on your name or your organization’s name in the Knovel web home page

Features and Benefits
  • Download titles to your device for off-line reading

  • Download up to 20 books per month . . .
    no wifi or cell connection required when reading

  • Manage your titles in My Resources page. You may view and remove downloads and saved titles

  • Search for Knovel technical titles using keywords and also search by author

  • Sync saved titles across all your devices and with your Knovel Web account

  • Review the history screen to help find titles you previously downloaded to your device

  • Swipe right to navigate to any page in the app