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    Oil & Gas Engineering on Knovel

    Knovel helps engineers in the Oil and Gas industry operationalize transformative digital technologies, optimize production capacity, adhere to shifting HSE regulations, and increase recovery rates.

    Knovel enables engineers to:

    • Research substance and material properties and suitability for applications and process improvements

    • Perform calculations to solve process and application challenges

    • Troubleshoot issues and failures

    • Assess safety and risks with potential and existing processes and systems

    • Get up to speed on unfamiliar topics

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    Read how a oil and gas company scaled up its operations

    An oil and gas company needed a new pump to increase crude flow. but which one? knovel helped the engineer select the right pump to double crude output at a test facility, also resulting in more environmentally-friendly operations..

    Read how a company reduces downtime risk in oil and gas pipelines.

    In order to reduce downtime risk for a pipeline system, an oil and gas company needed to evaluate the feasibility of a redundant pump system where a second pump could take over whenever the main pump failed. Using knovel, the engineer found a solution,saving millions.