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    Manufacturing Engineering on Knovel

    Knovel helps Equipment Manufacturers reduce costs, decrease delivery times and improve vendor support of post-sale life cycle management

    Knovel enables engineers to:

    • Identify untapped value in the product landscape

    • Merge knowledge from different specialties to design, construct, test, evaluate and troubleshoot next-generation product capabilities in record time

    • Access best practicies and regulatory documentation to improve quality

    • Identify and evaluate property data

    • Calculate for specific scenarios and conditions

    Design Engineer customer story - Equipment Manufacturing, Knovel | Elsevier Solutions

    Read how Knovel delivered an 18% cost savings on a manufacturing project

    When a milling machine component kept wearing out, a mechanical engineer had to find a better material for the part. He used Knovel to help him evaluate and compare a range of steel alloys, leading to the adoption of a cost-saving replacement.