Chemical Engineering on Knovel

Top chemical companies worldwide turn to Knovel to help them innovate and achieve continuous operational improvement - saving time and money.

Knovel delivers relevant answers and insights to help you:

  • Diversify and expand product portfolios

  • Achieve optimal production levels and minimal plant disruptions

  • Deliver new and differentiated products that can be scaled and commercialized

  • Maintain EHS compliance and mitigate risks

  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge on market-shaping chemical and advanced material trends

  • Identify best options and solutions to technical and engineering problems

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Read how a chemical company saved $250,500

A global chemical company wanted to create new materials for its polymer platform and tasked chemist James Elmont with the project. The project involved finding and evaluating high performance, costeffective and biodegradable polymers within budget.

Read how a chemical company avoided an expensive upgrade

After a process hazard analysis, a diversified chemicals company believed that an upgrade of automation systems was needed. However, using the comprehensive resources in Knovel, the engineer in charge could successfully implement a second assessment that showed the expensive upgrade could be avoided.